Leadership Team

  • The General Partner, BambooBoss LLC, was established in 2024 by Steven Zoernack, who worked at former investment banking giant Bear Stearns’ New York headquarters in institutional asset management and large balance agricultural lending at iFinancial.
  • Steven Zoernack is a dedicated and passionate entrepreneur with over 30 years experience originating, underwriting, valuing and closing agricultural properties as large as 14,000 acre farms with values as high as $50 million throughout the United States from the appraising and lending side. From April 2008 to 2015 he served as Global Sector Head, Fund Head and on management and investment committee tenures at EquityStar.
  • BambooBoss’ team has proactive long standing relationships with global operating partners and a 350+ executive network of high and ultra high net worth individuals.
  • Steven Zoernack was former elected commissioner of Sarasota County Little League, Gold Medal winning special Olympics softball Coach, religion teacher of 3-7 year olds and loving father to a daughter and 2 sons.

Sector Focus

  • BambooBoss is changing the agricultural landscape of Florida to a greener, more sustainable, eco-friendly and profitable one by acquiring large tract underperforming, dying and undervalued citrus groves and other fertile land at a deep discount and converting them into long term sustainable commercial bamboo plantations that are hurricane and pest resistant and can produce revenues of many multiples higher than what citrus can. Bamboo enhances air quality by absorbing CO2, releasing oxygen, and preventing soil erosion with its stabilizing root system.
  • Bamboo is one of the most promising and versatile sustainable crops of the future. With its rapid growth, minimal water and pesticide requirements, and a wide range of potential uses, bamboo has the potential to revolutionize the agricultural industry in Florida and contribute to a more sustainable future for the state and the nation.
  • Focus is specifically on acquiring agricultural real estate, growing, managing, harvesting, marketing and selling bamboo. Large tract Central and South Florida land value appreciation is a secondary benefit.


  • Attractive and disruptive opportunity to acquire, modernize and convert underperforming and undervalued citrus properties to profitable and in demand commercial bamboo plantations.
  • Potential of 4 times or more property value add appreciation over 5-7 years as citrus generates $2,000 per acre on average, whereas commercial bamboo plantations can earn $10,000 – $20,000 per acre and more.
  • Proprietary ecosystem of long-standing agricultural property valuation experience with operating executives provides privileged access to off-market opportunities and proprietary sector insights
  • Apply sophisticated value creation resources and practices to the agricultural Market


  • Founder and team committed to run all operations at the highest level with latest technology.
  • Each fund size target is $20MM and will consist of approximately 1,000 -1,500 acres of fast growing bamboo.
  • Pursuing a consistent strategy of value add investments refined over 30 years
  • Targeting underperforming citrus groves with infrastructure such as irrigation, wells, roads, and drainage in place
  • Expected to have significant co-investment opportunities throughout the life of the partnership

Our Culture

  • Transparent, low-ego operating style that seeks to promote active engagement and decision-making
  • Flat-structured, entrepreneurial team of high-performing professionals adhering to our core principles of due diligence and value creation
  • Firm-wide commitment to equity, inclusion, and community service
  • Founder with over 30 years of combined experience in commercial and agricultural real estate valuation and financing, fund management, and over 50 distinct investments
  • Operating team has complementary and relevant experience managing target markets
  • Team-first, collaborative approach with a history of agriculture valuation, management and financing
  • Proven investment approach and value creation playbook
  • Partners to management – team-oriented mindset